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Sway Bar Options

Fatman Fabrications Sway Bars

We strongly believe in sway bars to control body roll without an excessively stiff suspension.

Rear sway bars are recommended for many early vehicles, except pickups. Since most pre ’55 rods aren’t nose-heavy they rarely need front sway bars with independent suspension. Big block engines and power steering does increase the need for a front bar.


We carry an assortment of sway bars for almost every application.


Sway Bars

Sway Bar Options

Please call for help in choosing one for yours!

Front sway bars $295.00

1949-1951 Ford car rear sway bar kit $375.00

Universal style rear sway bars

from $325.00

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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