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Ford F-100
Rear Axle
Lowering Kit

Ford F-100 65-79 Rear Axle Lowering Kit

Easy To Install

Need an easy way to lower the rear axle of your ‘65-’79 Ford pickup?


Years Of Engineering and Development
Fatman Fabrications has designed a complete F100 Rear Axle Lowering Kit.


New Design

This new design by Fatman Fabrications will drop the truck 5” in the back, using the original axle, without any welding involved.

Here Is The Info

A special bracket allows the axle to be shifted to the top side of the stock rear leaf springs, and a new pair of proper length shocks are bolted to special shock extensions. The frame rail does need to have a clearance cut for the “C-notch” in the frame reinforcement plate which bolts in place to finish the job providing vertical clearance for the re-positioned axle.

Fatman Fabrications, Proud American Owned Company
  • Component manuals included

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  • Nationwide shipping

  • Inquire about the many other products we manufacture

  • All products are 100% manufactured here in our North Carolina location by skilled craftsman

                                             Complete kit as shown is only $720.00

F100 1965-1979 Rear Axle Lowering Kit

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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