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Ford High Power Four Bar Rear Suspension

Ford High Power Four Bar Rear Suspension

Fatman Fabrications Suspension Kit

Ford High Power Mustang Four-Bar Rear Suspension Kit.

Years Of Engineering and Development
Fatman Fabrications along with RideTech have designed a complete kit for your Ford.


More Traction

This kit is a terrific way to go for the enthusiasts who has more power and needs more traction than the stock suspension can handle but doesn’t want to cut their car for a full-length four-bar.

Easy To Install

A tubular upper crossmember bolts into the support of the triangulated upper bars, coilovers, and frame rails.  Tabs for the axle end of the upper bar can be welded to the stock 8″ or a 9″ Ford rear axle housing.


The lower bars' clever design registers to the stock front spring mount and the spring pads on the axle.


The triangulated upper bars serve to control pinion angle as well as side sway while providing more exhaust clearance than a Panhard bar 5 link system.

Traction And Handling

Superior traction and handling are the results of this design by our friends at Ridetech.  Their cars have tested and proven this design on the road and track!  


Fatman Fabrications is pleased to offer this fine Four Bar Rear End suspension control system with your choice of either Ridetech HQ series coilovers or Shockwaves.

With your new Mustang Front Suspension and the Mustang Four-Bar Rear Suspension, your Mustang will be handling like a dream.  You won't ever have to worry about traction or handling issues again!

Fatman Fabrications, Proud American Owned Company

  • Component manuals included

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  • All products are 100% manufactured here in our North Carolina location by skilled craftsman

Ford High Power Rear Four Bar Suspension

1965 – 1970 Classic Mustang

1960 - 1964 Galaxie

65-70 Mustang

With Ride Tech Coilovers: $2,755.00
Shockwaves: $2,860.00


With Coilovers: $2,675.00

With Shockwaves: $2,780.00

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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