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Ford Crown Victoria Control Arms

Ford Crown Victoria Control Arms 2003-2011

Crown Victoria Control Arms By Fatman Fabrications

Our control arms are tested and quality-proven.


For Your Vic

These control arms are made for your 2003-2011 Ford Crown Victoria. Each control arm comes complete with ball joints and bushings with a rust inhibitive coating, allowing you to paint them.

Years Of Engineering and Development
Fatman Fabrications has designed a control arm for your needs.


Fatman Fabrications, Proud American Owned Company

  • Component manuals included

  • Comprehensive QA on all products

  • Nationwide shipping

  • Inquire about the many other products we manufacture

  • All products are 100% manufactured here in our North Carolina location by skilled craftsman

If you have installed a Crown Victoria factory IFS system in your hot rod and find out that at 68” hub-to-hub is too wide to comfortably fit good size wheels and tires. Fatman Fabrications has the answer with Tubular Control Arms narrowed 1” per side. They are TIG welded in fixtures, using 1 1/2” lower and 1” upper .188 heavy wall DOM steel tubing, and assembled with top-quality bushings and ball joints. All the original mounting points for the 2003-2011 Ford design are provided. The lower mount for the factory coilover assembly is provided with an alternate hole to allow a 1 1/2” drop while retaining the stock spindles and allowing easy conversion to RideTech Coilovers or Shockwave suspension. They will not work with OEM Police package coilovers, you will have to switch to non-police package coilovers or one of the aftermarket coilover conversions.

Note: We now offer a pair of modified sway bar end links to ease the installation of some versions of the factory front anti-sway bar mainly on Police package front suspensions - $50.00 pr.

Ford Crown Victoria Control Arms 2003-2011

$1,399.00 / Set of 4

Including new ball joint, lower arm forward Delrin bushing, and new OEM upper control arm bushings. Shown with optional nickel plating. $450.00 option

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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