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All part numbers are NAPA numbers unless otherwise stated.

Banjo Bolts

  •  #82698   7/16”-20 (’70-’77 GM)

  •  #82703   Metric (’78 & up GM)

  •  #1243     Copper Washers                                                                     

Brake Hoses

  • #36959 Fits ’85 Buick Riviera front and accepts 3/16” hardline. This hose is 17” long and works well on almost any front disc setup. It accepts a metric banjo (hollow) bolt on the caliper and fits non-metric calipers by simply passing a 7/16” drill through the caliper end block. You may want to cut off the included mounting bracket.         

  • #36799 An excellent rear hose which comes from the ’75 Jeep CJ-5. It is 17” long and accepts 3/16” hard lines.


Mustang II Power Steering Houses

  • #7-1874 The smaller line is the pressure side with a standard GM power steering pump, pressure line for rack using O-ring fittings

  • #7-1880  Return line                                                         

 YOU MUST use genuine power steering fluid! No transmission fluid.

These return hoses will simply slide over the return tube on your pump. The pressure hoses will need the upper end changed to match your pump. The O-ring fittings will still swivel when fully tightened - DO NOT OVERSTRESS THE FITTINGS! 


Popular Rear Axles Measured Across Wheel Mount Surfaces

  • 57” ’70-’77 Maverick 5-Lug 8”, ’57-’59 Ford 9”

  • 58” ’78-’87 Monte Carlo/Malibu (’82-up metric studs), ’75-’80 Granada & Lincoln Versailles, ’67-’70 Mustang/Cougar/Fairlane

  • 60” ’67-’69 Camaro, ’68-’79 Nova, 71-’73 Mustang/Cougar

  • 62” ’64-’77 Chevelle, ’73-’76 Torino

Mustang II Springs

  • #277-3039 (’74 MII 4 cyl. without air) '33-'34 Fords, '33-'35 Chevy

  • #277-3036 (’78 MII V-6 with air) '35-'48 Fat Fender Cars

  • #277-3038 ('78 MII V-8) '50’s Cars and Pickups

  • #277-3057 ('84 Mustang with 5.0) for heavy engines in the ’50s and up cars and  pickups –big blocks with cast iron heads and early Hemis   

 We have these in stock at $150.00/pair

Above assumes small block engines, go up one step for any big-block engines.


Motor & Transmission  Mounts

  • #602-1054 Small block Chevy motor mounts

  • #602-1106 Big block Chevy motor mounts

  • #620-1031 All GM transmission mounts

  • #602-1152 Ford small blocks these are ‘68 Galaxie motor mounts

  • #620-1040 Ford small blocks these are ’68 Galaxie transmission mount

  • 351-C or 429-460 - Motor mounts from a ’70 Galaxie work well       


New Rubber Dust Boot

  • #650-1175 Tie rod end

  • #650-1177 MII and GM upper ball joints

  • #650-1178 GM lower ball joints                                                          


Identify GM Subframes

  • ’64-’72 Chevelle Steering Box on the left frame rail, front steer, 11” disc or drum brakes, 2-piece spindle, steering arm

  • ’73-’77Chevelle, ’75-’79 Nova, ’70-’81 Camaro Steering Box on the left frame rail, 11” disc brakes only, front steer, one-piece spindle

  • ‘67-’69 Camaro, ‘68-’74 Nova Steering Box near the firewall, rear steer, 11” disc or drum brakes, 2-piece spindle, steering arm

  • ‘78-’87 Monte Carlo, Malibu,  S10 Steering Box on the left frame rail, front steer, 10 3/8” disc brakes, one-piece spindle

MustangII Suspension

Let’s Work Together

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