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Bolt-In Strut Conversion

Bolt-In Strut Conversion

Bolt-In Strut Conversions

Here at Fatman Fabrications, our Bolt-In Strut Conversion packages are now available for several Ford/Mercury cars. 

Years Of Engineering and Development

Fatman Fabrications has designed a complete Bolt-In kit for Ford/Mercury cars.

Look What We Cover

When it comes to unibody Ford/Mercury cars, we have you covered for the following:

  • 1963–1965 Mercury Comet

  • 1967–1970 Mercury Cougar

  • 1963–1965 Ford Falcon

  • 1962–1971 Ford Fairlane

  • 1968–1971 Ford Torino

  • 1970-1977 Ford Maverick

  • 1964 ½–1973 Ford Mustang

When We Say Bolt-In, We Mean It

This suspension bolts into your stock unibody sheet metal structure with a minimum of fuss!

Clearance and More Space

Since an upper control arm is no longer needed, the shock towers can be trimmed for improved header clearance giving you more space under the hood. 

Geometry and Handling

This kit is designed to use your stock 8 1/2” long front sump oil pan, stock exhaust manifolds, or short/block-hugger headers and the stock front sway bar mounts right up! Better geometry, so it handles great without a monster ride-killing sway bar!

No Trimming Needed

This kit allows for a bolt-in installation with no sheet metal trimming required that way the car can be returned to the factory suspension later. It uses the unibody structure just as Ford designed it; with the suspension forces and weight being carried from the shock tower through the braces and into the firewall.

Brake Recommendation

We recommend that you call Master Power Brakes for power booster and master cylinder kits to go along with our Bolt-In Strut Conversion kit: 800-472-4181. 

Look What We Supply In Our $2,950.00 Basic Kit

  • U-joints & shaft (per your column)

  • Tubular lower control arms with new ball joints & bushings

  • Coilover conversion kit for your strut assembly

  • Upper strut mounts with adjustable camber

  • Rack & Pinion mounting crossmember & clamps with special steering arms

  • Die & handle to rethread tie rods.

  • Call us and speak to one of our Sales Reps for additional information.

Here Is What You Will Need To Supply

  • '79-’93 Mustang struts

  • ’94-’04 Mustang spindle, & brakes assembly

  • ’90-’03 Escort power rack & pinion assembly with tie rods

  • 15” or larger ’94-’04 spec wheels, early oil pan & exhaust (not included in kit)

  • ’79-’93 Mustang struts are used on ’94-’04 spindles to allow more drop and camber adjustment.

  • Note: If you wish, we can supply all the parts above for an additional $1,950.00

Fatman Fabrications, Proud American Owned Company
  • Component manuals included

  • Comprehensive QA on all products

  • Nationwide shipping

  • Inquire about the many other products we manufacture

  • All products are 100% manufactured here in our North Carolina location by skilled craftsman

Bolt In Strut Conversion Ford/Mercury

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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