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These arms will narrow your Crown Victoria front suspension 1" per side. 

They are TIG welded in fixtures, using 1 ½” lower and 1” upper .188 heavy wall DOM steel tubing, and assembled with top quality bushings and ball joints.  All the original mounting points for the 2003-2011 Ford design are provided.  The lower mount for the factory coilover assembly is provided with an alternate hole to allow a 1 ½” drop while retaining the stock spindles.  

Notes: These arms will not work with the factory Police package coilspring/shock assembly. They will require the use of either an OE non-police package assembly or one of the aftermarket offerings from Ridetech, QA-1, etc.  Some vehicles use a larger front anti-sway bar which will require modifications to the sway bar end links of a set of our modified end links. 


Narrowed control arm set for Crown Victoria front suspension

please allow 8-10 weeks delivery time if not in stock
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