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2" drop spindles for Mopar / Volare front suspensions.These were originally develeped for rodders who installed a Volare front suspension in their vehicles. Thes allowed the customer to keep the suspension properly set for correct geomety and travel while getting the drop they were looking for. These spindles will also fit many other Mopar suspensions (57 and up) with a 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern. These will use the factory steering arm/ lower ball assembly and a set of OE disc brakes from a 76-80 Volare/ Aspen or 75-80 Chrysler Cordoba. We can also outfit them with Wilwood 11" brakes.  Some minor modifications to the caliper bracket and control arms may be required. caall for more infomation if you like. 

They WILL NOT fit the larger Mopars with 5 on 5 pattern or the smaller Mopars with 5 on 4 1/4" bolt pattern. 

Mopar/ Volare drop spindles

please allow 8-10 weeks delivery time if not in stock
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