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Mustang II kit Stages 

Fat Man Fabrication offers Stages 2, 3, 4, and 5 to any hub-to-hub suspension kit we manufacture.  All Stages use the same basic parts including our TIG welded tubular steel control arms. The differences are the type of spring used and upper mounts specific to that spring and upper control arm.


Although not shown in photos below all hub-to-hub suspensions include 4 1/2” or 4 3/4” bolt circle OEM style 11″ disc brake kits with your choice of stock height or 2″ drop spindles as standard.

All hub-to-hub suspensions also include paintable TIG-welded mild steel tubular control arms and a manual rack and pinion as standard.


Stage 2 Traditional Coil Spring and Shock

Our huge volume allows us to supply our TIG Welded Tubular Steel Control Arms as standard which eliminates the strut rod by straddling the crossmember for stability. Easily converted to Stage 4 air ride with bolt-on parts and a weld-on shock bracket! Shim alignment is now standard!


Stage 3 Coilover

Stage 3 adds single adjustable coilovers to the TIG welded tubular steel control arms. A shim system is used for ease of adjustment. Easily upgraded to Stage 5 Ridetech Shockwaves with bolt-on parts! 

Now redesigned with a 1-piece upper camber plate and shock mount- easier installation with less measuring and fitting!


Stage 4 Air-Ride

Stage 4 uses Firestone air springs that are so strongly built to act as their own bump stop! The OEM style shock is mounted to the rear of the suspension. Compressor systems and rear air suspensions are available and vary according to your application and budget. We use Ridetech exclusively and can be converted to Stage 2 coil spring with no fab work!


Stage 5 Shockwave

Upgrades the Stage 3 style to Ridetech HQ series Shockwaves. Offers easier adjustability and a premium tunable shock for the ultimate street rod suspension.  - updated upper mounts just like stage 3

All Stages use the same basic parts, including our TIG welded tubular steel control arms and a manual rack and pinion. The differences are the type of spring used and different upper mounts specific to that spring and upper control arm. All Our kits are fully welded and using SAE 1018 steel and we use CAD design software to ensure the accuracy of the geometry.
Air suspensions work best to maintain ride height as the total load changes like a full trunk and backseat. When used to allow an extremely low parked height the rule is to always return the vehicle to normal ride height for driving.  Driving your vehicle lowered or raised can cause damage to the vehicle and its components. Air ride does NOT allow you to vary the ride height for driving.
All Hub-to-Hub kits include the crossmember or frame stub kits from the previous page, manual rack & pinion, new spindles, springs, shocks, TUBULAR STEEL control arms, and upgraded OEM style iron disc brakes in 4 1⁄2” or 4 3⁄4” bolt pattern. We will not risk your safety with small 9” brakes!
For all Hub-to-Hub kits add $200.00 for power rack (we use the improved ‘79-’93 racks) and $80.00 to cover the rack main shaft extension used on widened kits. Narrowed ’35-’40 Ford kits use special rack & pinions add $250.00 For manual add $550.00 For power assist on the ‘33 -’34 For narrowed kits are manual only add $250.00. Ford narrowed kits must upgrade to Stage 3 coilovers.

MII Raised Spindles

Some hot rod enthusiasts prefer a more conservative ride height but efforts to raise the stance of a typical Mustang II IFS kit with taller springs and shocks can lead to other difficulties with alignment and geometry.
Fat Man continues to lead the way with an INNOVATIVE SPINDLE that raises the vehicle 1-1/2” without those problems. The spindles are fabricated duplicating the MII dimensions, however, some brake kits may require different calipers so the brake hose will clear your lower control arms. These will not work with factory stamped steel arms or some other manufacturers' tubular arms 
Precise CNC machining and TIG welding produce a very strong part and excellent fit.



New 1 1/2" Raised Spindles, Tubular arms only  -call regarding fitment to other manufacturers tubular arms.

                  $295.00 with the kit, $525.00 outright

MII Stock height spindles, forged steel,                     

                  No Charge with the kit, $219.00 outright

2” drop, accepts any MII disc brake kit

                  No Charge with the kit, $219.00 outright

  • NEW (not rebuilt) Power Rack & Pinion : $200.00 upgrade

  • Narrowed Manual Racks: $250.00 upgrade on specific kits

  • Narrowed Power Rack included power steering option 2″ Narrowed Only: $550.00 upgrade

  • ($740.00 outright)


  • 3 joint shafts & U-Joints by Borgeson $395.00

    • Each car, engine, exhaust, and motor mount combination needs a different hookup.

  • Stainless Steel Hose kits for Power steering $155.00

    • this kit is designed to connect 1979 - 1993 mustang power racks with swivel O-ring fittings. We also supply 4 different fittings to connect to nearly any power steering pump with an integral reservoir without hunting parts. The braided stainless hose can be cut to length for a custom fit.

Steering Connections


  • 11" Ford pattern with large GM calipers (basic adaptor kit $195.00)

  • 10 5/8" Chevrolet pattern with metric studs (does not widen the track, okay on light cars)

    • Add larger bore calipers for increased brake power $95.00​ upgrade ($175.00 outright)

  • 11" Chevrolet pattern with larger calipers (widens track 3/4" per side, more power 7/16" NF studs) No Charge option

  • We offer OEM style brake kits with Ford (5 on 5 1/2") or GM (5 on 5") truck patterns: upgrade $300.00 ($650.00 outright)

  • EC-704CK 4 1/2" or 4 3/4" bolt circle with special hub style rotor, holds standard width $525.00 (outright $800.00, 13" rotors add $100.00) 

  •                                                 Call for price and availability on Wilwood brakes

  • Wilwood Dynalite 11" rotor, 4 piston caliper, stock width

    • Plain rotor, black or red caliper

    • Drilled & slotted rotor, red or black caliper 

    • Drilled & slotted rotor, polished caliper 

  • Wilwood Dynalite 12" rotor, 4 piston caliper, stock width

    • Plain rotor, black or red caliper

    • Drilled & slotted rotor, red or black caliper 

    • Drilled & slotted rotor, polished caliper

  • Wilwood Dynalite 13" rotor, 6 piston caliper, .55" wider

    • Plain rotor, black or red caliper

    • Drilled & slotted rotor, red or black caliper 


These brake kits will most likely NOT allow fitment of your OEM wheels.

OEM rims do not have the proper inside taper to clear a modern full-size caliper that didn’t exist when the vehicle was manufactured.


DOT Approved Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

  • DOT approved stainless steel braided hose Kit  with frame tabs, Metric, and 7⁄16” Banjo Bolts $90.00/set

  • Single hose for drum brake rear axle $55.00/each

  • Metering valve holds off front brakes and provides T-fitting $95.00/each

  • 2psi Residual Pressure Valves (discs) $35.00/each

  • 10psi Residual Pressure Valves (drums) $35.00/each                                                                                                                                        

We strongly believe in sway bars to control body roll without an excessively stiff suspension.
Rear sway bars are recommended for many early vehicles, except pickups. Since most pre ’55 rods aren’t nose-heavy they rarely need front sway bars with independent suspension. Big block engines and power steering does increase the need for a front bar. We carry an assortment of sway bars for almost every application.


Sway Bars

Please call for help in choosing one for yours!

Front sway bars $295.00

1949-1951 Ford car rear sway bar kit $375.00

Universal style rear sway bars

from $325.00


  • Plain Motor Mounts 6" or 10" long Ford or Chevrolet trim to fit your application $75.00/pair 

  • LS or Ford Mod/Coyote Adaptors $125.00/pair

  • Ford FE Adaptors $140.00/pair

  • Pick Up Truck Transmission Mount $125.00

  • Tubular Motor Mounts $90.00/pair (pictured)

These require a little more ability to fit, but look great and reinforce your frame.

Motor Mounts

Replacement Parts

  • Bushing kits for our MII tubular arms—now made of Delrin! (specify 1/2” or 5/8” lower arm bolt) $70.00/set- Note: Stainless steel arms may require a measurement of the lower bushing bung

  • Rack bushings (OEM style-1 piece) $30.00/pair  

  • OEM replacement or G-Tech tie rod ends $70.00/pair                                                                                                             

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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