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1967-1981 Camaro Trick Suspension

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1967-69 And 1970-81 Camaro Trick Suspension

Your Camaro is a slick design but the stock front suspension can be a little wide for fat tires especially when lowered.  While you’re at it how about a cleaner, better looking frame rail?  All this is supplied by our new subframe assembly for the 1967-69 and 1970-81 Camaros.  Tubular steel control arms, power rack and pinion, front sway bar, and Ridetech billet aluminum coilovers provide style and control.  The track width is 1″ narrower per side than the factory width and mounts OEM 1969 Camaro disc brakes (not included).  A drop of 2″-3″ will be seen with the dropped spindles which are supplied as a standard option.  Mounts for the body, radiator support, bumper, engine, and transmission support are provided for an easy bolt-in installation.

Special Features found on our Design Camaro Frame Stub:

  • 7081Camaro STIIIReady to accept factory engine stands for Small Block Chevy.  We did our prototype installation without removing the engine, draining the radiator, or pulling the hood!
  • Tubular style motor mounts provide an exceptionally strong triangulated design that handles engine torque with plenty of room for steering U-joints and hose connections.
  • We use a shim style alignment system for easy adjustment with minimum chance of any paint damage on a detailed chassis.  We chose this system since it keeps the upper shaft and bushings in axial alignments unlike cam adjustment systems which tend to wear out upper bushings since the shaft becomes twisted through those bushings.  We see the same problem with upper arms that use threaded adjuster ends and require disassembly each time the alignment is adjusted.  That may need to be done several times during a simple set up alignment!  Our system provides the best mechanical situation, the easiest usage, and best protection of expensive chassis paint.
  • This suspension is based on proper Ackerman geometry and utilizes our G-Tech tall drop spindles.
  • No scrub radius difficulties as when Corvette spindles are used.  The Corvette requires the extreme backspaced wheel as seen on factory cars to work correctly.  Do you want wheels as flat as hubcaps?  Our spindle design is made to accept a centered or slightly backspaced wheel.
  • CAD engineered proven geometry used on over 45,000 kits in 30 years!
  • Best ground clearance and narrowed track width for larger tires and wheels.

Package includes a NEW (not rebuilt) power rack and pinion, front sway bar, premium Ride Tech HQ coilovers (Shockwaves optional at $220), tubular control arms, and forged steel GTech spindles.  Improved appearance, reduced front end weight bias, and vastly improved drivability are all yours for


total plus freight and applicable sales tax

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