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Strut IFS Conversions

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Strut IFS Conversions for Mustangs, Mavericks, Falcons, Fairlanes, and Torino

Untitled-2Your stock suspension suffers from terrible bumpsteer, mediocre brakes, and a leaky power steering system. Modern fat and sticky tires just make things worse!`


Our bolt-in kit supplies an adjustable 2”-3” drop, large disc brakes, positive rack & pinion steering in either power or manual versions with a mount that reinforces your frame, and ZERO bumpsteer so the car can handle right with big rubber. Adding a tilt column makes the job easier, and the car more comfortable.


64 1/2-’66 Mustang » ‘60-’62, ’63-’65 Falcon/Comet » ’67-’73 Mustang/Cougar » Fairlane/Torino/Comet/Montego/Maverick


  • This suspension bolts into your stock unibody sheetmetal structure
    with a minimum of fuss!
  • Optional AirRide suspension allows even lower stance.
  • Since an upper control arm is no longer needed, the shock towers
    can be trimmed for improved header clearance.
  • Kit is designed to use your stock 8-1/2” long front sump oil pan,
    stock exhaust manifolds, and the stock front sway bar mounts
    right up!


NOTE: We chose not to do a Mustang II kit as it requires moving the engine up and forward, provides little drop, and puts the car’s weight on a tin subrail never designed for that purpose; the weight should be carried into the shocktower and firewall, just as Ford designed the original unibody structure.




  • U-joints & shaft(per your column)
  • Tubular lower control arms w/new ball joints & bushings
  • Coilover conversion kit for your strut assembly
  • Upper strut mounts w/adjustable camber
  • Rack & Pinion mounting crossmember & clamps w/special
    steering arms
  • Die & handle to rethread tie rods


  • 79-’93 Mustang struts
  • 94-’04 Mustang spindle
    & brakes assembly
  • 90-’03 Escort power or manual rack & pinion assembly with complete tie rods
  • 15” or larger ’94-’04 spec wheels,
    early oil pan & exhaust
  • 79-’93 Mustang struts are  used on ’94-’04 spindles to allow more
    drop and camber adjustment.


’67-’70 Mustang Kit Shown For options to kit, See below. We can supply all the parts to complete this suspension, as listed above. Rebuilt spindles and racks join with new struts, rotors, and Wilwood aluminum calipers for an easy and trick installation! $1600.00


Steel tilt column


Chrome tilt column


Polished or brushed column


Stainless U-joints & shaft


Stainless P/S hose


Stainless brake hoses with Banjo bolts
set $80.


Shockwave Airstruts


13” Wilwood Brakes
Add to $1600 Completion Kit
Plain Rotors $1230 / Drilled $1340



’641/2-’66 Disc/Drum


’641/2-’66 Disc/Disc


’67-’70 Disc/Drum


’67-’70 Disc/Disc


Rear disc kit w/E-brake


’67-’70 Power Pedal

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