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1962 – 1967 Nova IFS

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1962 – 1967 Nova Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits

This 1962 – 1967 Nova Independent Front Suspension is a TOTALLY bolt-in installation based on 1982-92 Camaro strut suspension, which we have converted to adjustable height Coilover suspension. You’ll be gaining a lower stance, enhanced handling, disc brakes, and more precise steering thru a power assisted front steer rack and pinion. You’ll have no more oil pan/tie rod hassles, much improved routing for exhaust, and the shock towers can be trimmed for header clearance. The 5/16” main K member plate bolts into the original lower control arms/engine mounts, adding much needed stability to the uni-body structure!


6-Cylinder Engines will NOT work with our 1962 – 1967 Nova Independent Front Suspension kit, however Big Blocks fit well!  8” balancers fit with this kit, which include small block & LS engines.  Includes all non-factory parts required for this conversion.


What do you get?


  • Better Handling
  • Stronger Brakes
  • Easier to find parts
  • Lower Stance
  • Requires Less Weight
  • Excellent Ride



We Supply:


  • Tubular Lower A Arms (no more strut rods) with new Bushings & Ball Joints
  • Main K member plate with A Arm and Rack Mounts
  • Replacement braces for old strut rod mounts
  • New LH engine mount to clear the supplied
  • Steering U joints and shaft
  • Shock tower braces
  • Upper strut mount bearing plates
  • Coilover conversion springs and threaded sleeves



You Supply:


  • 1982-92 Camaro Spindles, Complete Brakes, Hoses & Shock Struts
  • 1994-04 Mustang Power or Manual Rack & Bushings
  • 1980-85 Citation Tie Rod Ends



Basic Kit Price: $2,350.00


Your 1960’s design Suspension isn’t up to speed for the new century!  Make your 1962 – 1967 Nova Independent Front Suspension handle as good as it looks!


We make more Mustang II kits than anyone in the business but not for the 1962-1967 Nova.  The uni-body is designed to carry the cars weight back into the firewall just as our Strut Kit does.  Cutting out the inner fender panels and simply welding a MII kit to the uni-body Rails just isn’t good engineering.  Competitive MII Kits require special headers and inner fending panels since the original hood hinge mounts are eliminated.



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