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1929 – 1933 Packard IFS

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1929 – 1933 Packard Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits

Our Fat Man Fabrication Classic 1929 – 1933 Packard Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits are designed for customers who love those heavier luxury cars. This kit uses 1973-87 Chevrolet pickup truck spindles with 12” 5-on-5” bolt circle brakes, rear steer power rack, and extra size tubing.  Because of these vehicles fender lines they require a short upper control arm to clear them and a rear steer rack and pinion which will not interfere with the lower grill shell pan.


With our Classic IFS Kit for the 1929 – 1933 Packard we supply super heavy duty tubular control arms and crossmembers that will take the weight of these fine yet still very heavy automobiles. We spent extensive time and research perfecting our Independent Front Suspensions for the 1929 – 1933 Packards.  Take a look at what each kit includes below, but remember there is still some information that you will need to give to us to make this IFS Kit fit your vehicle.


Deluxe Kit 60” Track Width
Deluxe Kit Includes:


  • Crossmember & Shock Tower assembly
  • Tubular arms with Bolts, Bushings and Ball Joints
  • 1973-87 Chevy Pickup Truck Spindles
  • 12” 5-on-5” Bolt Circle Brakes
  • OEM Tie Rod Ends
  • OEM Power Rack & Pinion
  • OEM Springs & Shocks

Price: $3200.00


Upgrade to our Nickle Plated A-Arms for only $225.00!


NOTE: Before you purchase ANY of the custom built IFS Kits on the market or our 1929 – 1933 Packard Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits study the drawing below. Pay particular attention to the position of the rack & pinion and it’s pivot points. You cannot reverse spindles or change the length or angle of the upper control arms to clear the fenders without creating dangerous changes in handling. The drawing does not reflect our opinions but rather pure physics, mathematics, and geometry.  Regardless of what some advertisers may try to tell you, the laws of engineering do not change. After study you’ll know which one works right!


Our Classic IFS system is designed for the 1928-1933 era larger cars such as Buick, Cadillac, Packard, Chrysler, etc. with 120″ or greater wheelbase and weight in the 4000# and larger class. The fender lines on these cars require a short upper control arm for clearance and a rear steer rack and pinion, which will not interfere with the lower grill shell pan. Super heavy tubular control arms and crossmember will take the weight of these fine automobiles.  Dropped spindles from the 1973-1987 Chevy pickup put the center of the wheel 1″ above the bottom of the frame rail for a nice drop, while stock spindles will raise the car 2″ with the spindle 1″ below the frame for a stance close to stock.


The Chevy pickup spindles feature both large ball joints and a 12″ diameter rotor with a 5-on-5″ bolt pattern for superior braking performance. Replacement parts are easily obtained from any professional auto parts store. We suggest using a narrowed Lincoln 9″ rear for its matching 5 on 5″ bolt pattern, large brakes and bearings to handle the mass when underway.  Since early Cadillac, Buick Skylark, and Chrysler wire wheels (either original or reproduction) are also 5-on-5″ classic wire wheels are easily fitted and designed for this weight class.


A 60″ hub-to-hub track width will fit under these fenders well in most cases. Some cars could stand to be a little narrower but are okay when used with a 4″ backspace rim like the stock Skylarks shown in the catalog photo. A power rack from 1982-1985 Citation makes for easy steering, but realize that a 120″+ wheelbase car will not turn like a short Model A.  We find the turning radius acceptable for any normal driving.


A simple shim system allows alignment without scarring or disassembly to keep your alignment man happy.  This very positive system is also designed to handle the loads imposed by these large cars.  We think of these cars as 3/4 ton trucks with pretty bodies, and accordingly use components and design well suited to their needs.  Although the total weight is high, most of the weight is carried by the rear suspension.


A V-8 spring will handle most small blocks, while larger engines will require a stronger one we have made to our specs. We have had the best success with reworking the original rear leaf suspension by adding tube shocks (usually 1973-1987 Chevy Pickup fronts) and an anti-roll bar.  Lowering is handled by removing 2-3 of the shortest leafs for a flatter spring arch and softer ride, and possibly a lowering block to fine tune the rear axle position.

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