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  • Correct geometry, with Antidive, Ackerman, proper Camber Curve, and no Bumpsteer are all designed in ALWAYS! If it won’t work right – we won’t build it!


  • One of the best ways to provide a smooth ride is to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness. Proper bushings and a heavy crossmember for strength and sheer mass combine to absorb energy. That’s why a Bridgeport Mill runs smoothly, and a lightweight copy vibrates and chatters. That’s why our cross-members are made with 5/16″ wall material – the heaviest in the industry. Our tubular control arms use a molded urethane spring seat that smooths the ride even more!


  • All our kits have the shock tower antidive angle and crossmember angle specially fitted for each specific frame, and have a 3 degree frame rake built in. (We’ve found 3 degree to be a very common rake angle). The only trimming required is the small shock tower notch described in the ’40 Ford Installation article. The simple fact is that these old frames vary in width, and this simple procedure actually guarantees that the shock towers are properly located on your frame.


  • No flame cut parts are used anywhere. All parts are sawn or plasma cut for superior metallurgy and strength.


  • We make Industry Exclusive narrowed kits for super tire to fender fit. We’ve found that some cars (in particular ’33-40 Fords) with stock width Mustang II IFS are limited to a 14×6 zero offset, or special back spaced front wheel. Our narrowed kits allow you to run up to a 15×7 front wheel for that modern stance. You simply have got to have some rubber on the ground if you want your Rod to turn and stop at it’s maximum capability!


  • Ultra-low kits are available to get radically low without the expense of dropped spindles. We recommend them especially on ’35-’37 and ’46-’48 Ford, and ’49-’54 Chevys. We mount the crossmember higher in the frame to get a lower stance. This requires a “C” in the frame for rack clearance (supplied)., and extra attention to oil pan clearance.


  • We can fit almost any car or truck with a straight rail frame and inner fender panels. Pro-street and one-off kits can be custom built, usually at standard prices. Our new “Affordable IFS” can also be custom made for many unusual cars with Model A style fender lines where a Mustang II IFS doesn’t work well.

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