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Dropped Uprights and
Dropped Spindles

Dropped Uprights for Kingpin Suspensions


1939-1954 Chevrolet

1953-1962 Corvette

1949-1953 Ford

1952-1953 Mercury

1949-1951 Mercury

1934 Plymouth

1941-1954 Mopar

1939-1956 Cadillac, Lasalle

1937-1956 Buick

1939-1956 Oldsmobile

1937-1957 Pontiac


Will require dropped steering arms

Includes new-fitted kingpin set will require dropped steering arms

Includes new-fitted kingpin set, will require dropped steering arms

Must use disc brakes and modify factory steering arms -call for availability-to be discontinued


Includes shock relocation mounting kit. Must modify factory steering arms, requires disc brake conversion 39-40 and 55-56 uprights to be discontinued- call for availability

Must modify factory steering arms, requires disc brake conversion see -call for availability-to be discontinued

Must modify factory steering arms, must use disc brakes-call for availability- to be discontinued











Stock steering arms on ’37-’56 Buick, ’39-’56 Mopar, ’39-’56 Olds, ’39-’57 Pontiac must be heated and bent down to match spindle drop. The outer tie rod end must remain in its original position to avoid bump steer.
Dropped steering arms to maintain proper geometry ‘49 -’53 Ford, ‘49 -’53 Mercury, ‘39-’54 Chevy, ‘53 -’62 Vette MUST be used with dropped uprights $315.00/pair

Dropped Spindles for Ball Joint Suspensions


1954-1956 Ford

1955-1957 T-Bird

1957-1972 Ford, Mercury

1965-1973 Mustang, Cougar
1960-1971 Falcon, Fairlane, 1968-1971 Torino

1957-1968 Galaxie

1967-1969 Camaro

1968-1974 Nova

1964-1972 Chevelle

1957-1988 Mopar (Volare)


Call for specific vehicle info  on all applications. Requires ’70-’77 Camaro calipers, pins, and pads and ’75-’80 Granada rotors

Call for Willwood Brake option Pricing

 Also fits ’70-’77 Maverick, ’75-’80 Granada


Our exclusive G-Tech 2" drop spindle- raised upper ball joint increases camber gain in turns for better handling- uses OEM or OEM replacement disc brake upgrades.



Will fit most passenger vehicles with a 5 x 4 1/2″ bolt circle.  Call for specific vehicle fitment confirmation.








  • Trick tie rod assembly for Ford and Mercury- discontinued.

  • Volvo 140 box adapter for ‘49-’51 Ford $125.00 -call for availability

  • '49-'51 Mercury power box adapter $125.00-call for availability

  • 49-51 Ford & 54-56 Ford rack kits $590.00 *Note: Rack kits require a power rack from an 89-93 Chevy Cavalier-check availability of rack prior to purchase of kit.-call for availability

  • '49-'51 Ford master cylinder adapter $275.00- call for availability

  • '49-'51 Mercury master cylinder adapter $125.00-No longer available

Let’s Work Together

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