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GTECH Control Arms

Tested and quality-proven GTECH control arms are available for a variety of applications.  Each set of four comes complete with ball joints and bushings with a rust inhibitive coating, allowing you to paint them.


  • Thousands of our GTECH control arm sets have been installed since 1991.

  • Optimized geometry for modern radial tires and hot rod brakes.

  • Optimized upper ball joint position allows more positive caster for better handling without huge shim stacks.

  • Delrin-type upper and lower bushings for control (dependent on application).

  • American-made TIG-welded construction to ensure top quality.

  • 1” x .188” wall DOM tubing for maximum strength with minimal bulk.

  • Available in stock or narrowed widths for clearance on vehicles with fatter tires and subframes.

  • All new top-quality ball joints are installed.

  • Stamped 3/16” lower spring cup mounts a urethane lower spring insulator for NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) suppression.

  • Standard length arms have sway bar tabs installed (narrowed arms will require modification to the sway bar and its mounts).

  • Easy conversion to coilovers or air ride.

Notes: The resto-mod revolution is one of the most exciting trends to hit hot rodding in 30 years and Fat Man Fabrications is proud to be a part of it!  We are so committed to supplying the suspension parts needed to upgrade these cars that we have established the GTECH line within the family of Fat Man products.

 $1,200.00/set of four narrowed control arms

$1,250.00/ set of widened S-10 control arms

Optional Nickel Plating Upgrade: $450.00

NOTE: call for availability of all stock length arms

1964-1972 Chevelle
Stock width or narrowed 1” per side. Assembled with new shafts, bushings, and ball joints. Sway bar mounts included on stock width. Narrowed arms will require modifications to mount a sway bar.
1967-1969 Camaro, 1968-1974 Nova

Stock width or narrowed 1-1/2” per side. Assembled with new shafts, bushings, and ball joints. Sway bar mounts included on stock width. Narrowed arms will require modifications to mount a sway bar.

1970-1981 Camaro, 1975-1979 Nova, 1973-1977 Chevelle, 1977-1981 Impala, 1975-1981 Seville
Stock width or narrowed 1” per side. Assembled with new shafts, bushings, and ball joints. Sway bar mounts and steering stops installed on stock and narrowed versions.
1978-1987 Monte Carlo/GMC Caballero/El Camino/Pontiac grand Prix, 1978-1983 Malibu, 1978-1988 Olds Cutlass, 1982-2003 S-10 

You can use stock spindles, dropped versions of stock spindles, or ’70-’81 Camaro spindles. The taller Camaro spindles improve handling through an improved camber curve and allow the use of the larger 11” rotors and calipers from that car.  Tubular control arms are available stock width or narrowed 1” per side for extra tire clearance. We use an offset control arm shaft to allow proper alignment without needing huge shim stacks and the upper ball joint has been relocated to allow more aggressive alignment settings. The narrowed arms do require some minor frame mods and the ‘70-’81 Camaro spindles mentioned above. We also offer them in a 3” widened version for hot rod enthusiasts who are using S-10 chassis under their project cars. This has proven especially helpful on the ‘55-’59 Chevy pickup. 

Ford Control Arms

1957-1964 Ford Full size

Tubular control arms will clean up your car's appearance and incorporate revised upper control arms to achieve modern alignment settings. A CNC machined UCA shaft, revised ball joint location, and improved bushings enhance control. They will work with stock parts or our dropped spindles and power steering kits. The ‘63-’64 arms will require you to modify your OEM front frame bushings to eliminate the “cranked” bolt. We will supply the new bushings and hardware. We can also modify them in house for a labor charge.

Note: We will need you to measure your upper control arm length. Ford used either 9" or 9 1/2" long upper control arms. This must be measured straight down the center on the arm from the center of the cross shaft to the center of the grease fitting. 

  • 1957 – 1964 Ford Full Size

$1,300.00/set of four control arms

Optional Nickel Plating Upgrade: $450.00

2003-2011 Crown Victoria

If you have installed a Crown Victoria factory IFS system in your hot rod and find out that at 68” hub-to-hub is too wide to comfortably fit good size wheels and tires. Fat Mans has the answer with Tubular Control Arms narrowed 1” per side. They are TIG welded in fixtures, using 1 1/2” lower and 1” upper .188 heavy wall DOM steel tubing, and assembled with top-quality bushings and ball joints. All the original mounting points for the 2003-2011 Ford design are provided. The lower mount for the factory coilover assembly is provided with an alternate hole to allow a 1 1/2” drop while retaining the stock spindles and allowing easy conversion to RideTech Coilovers or Shockwave suspension. They will not work with OEM Police package coilovers, you will have to switch to non-police package coilovers or one of the aftermarket coilover conversions.

Note: We now offer a pair of modified sway bar end links to ease the installation of some versions of the factory front anti-sway bar mainly on Police package front suspensions - $50.00 pr.

$1,350.00 / Set of 4

Including new ball joint, lower arm forward Delrin bushing, and new OEM upper control arm bushings. Shown with optional nickel plating. $450.00 option

Mustang II Tubular Control Arms

30 YEARS proven performance!  We now offer our new nickel-plated, precision jig-welded tubular steel A-arms for all of our front suspension kits as an upgrade

  • For all Mustang II applications

  • New - Larger Diameter 1 Inch x .188 DOM American Steel Tubing 

  • All bending, Welding, and CNC machine work done in our shop 

  • USA sourced Delrin bushings and urethane spring Seat

  • Premium quality ball joints included on all kits

  • We now offer our new nickel-plated precision jig-welded tubular steel control arms for all of our front suspension kits.

  • Available for all stages - Coil Spring and Shocks, Coilovers, Air Bags & RideTech Shockwaves

Plain steel TIG welded tubular control arms are standard on all hub-to-hub kits.

New nickel plated A-arms upgrade on any hub-to-hub suspension package - $325.00

Paintable tubular upper control arms only - $425.00/pair
Paintable tubular lower control arms only - $475

Paintable tubular control arms only - $875.00/set of 4

New nickel plated control arms upgrade - $325.00/ set of 4

New nickel plated control arms outright - $1,175.00/ set of 4

Polished stainless control arms upgrade - $375.00/set of 4 

Polished stainless control arms outright - $1,200.00/set of 4

Let’s Work Together

For more information or to order, give us a call. One of our associates will be happy to assist you.

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