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To succeed every company must have a guiding philosophy.


Ours comes from the fact that we’re a group of experienced hot rodders led by a trained engineer.  Our approach is to favor function over fluff.  We figure hot rods are expensive enough as is, so we help stretch your hard earned dollars by producing parts with maximum strength, safety, and appearance with affordability always part of the total equation.


Many top builders, both professional and backyard, have used our parts to build top 25 and magazine feature cars.  We have a wide range of parts to trick up your installation such as upgrades to coilovers or air ride, aftermarket brake packages, and electroless nickel plated tubular control arms.  At the same time our volume of sales allows us to do this at real world prices for real rodders with real driven hot rods.


You won’t call Fat Man Fabrications and get someone who can’t answer your questions.  We actually enjoy unusual applications for our products, and we spend a lot of time helping solve problems with other manufacturer’s parts.  Our phones are manned by experienced rodders, and I am available if needed (just remember I can’t personally talk to everyone while running a business and developing more neat stuff).  Our fabricators are all trained in house and at local trade schools.  We promote from within and provide top pay and benefits because the best way to assure quality and productivity is with a motivated, efficient staff.


We won’t make any parts without correct geometry.  Some folks seem to not know or ignore them, but we know the laws of engineering and mathematics can’t be changed.  That’s why you’ll never see our Mustang II kits with oddball tie rod ends or see them for cars with Model A style fenders.  A Mustang II simply will not fit right without bubbling the fenders, being too wide, or creating bumpsteer.  That’s why you’ll see our “Affordable IFS” system listed specially for those cars.


We’re selling more than just steel.  We get paid for knowing where to put the holes; knowledge gained through experience and education.  We do testing on our parts and install them on several cars before releasing a new kit.  We have a full service shop so that we can check out our own parts and make continuing developments.  Our builder’s guides are available for most popular applications so that we can pass on our experience and make your rod building more enjoyable.


Thank you for your interest in our products. We encourage your questions and suggestions!



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