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1980 – 1987 Monte Carlo Control Arms GTECH

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1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo GTECH Control Arms

Tested and quality proven GTECH 1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo control arms are available for your Monte Carlo.  Each set of four comes complete with ball joints and urethane bushings in primer to paint your choice of color.


  • We’ve had thousands of our GTECH control arm sets installed since 1991
  • Optimized geometry for modern radial tires and hot rod brakes
  • Optimized upper ball joint position allows max G alignment settings without huge shim stacks
  • American made TIG welded construction for top quality
  • 1” x .188 wall tubing for maximum strength with minimum bulk
  • Available in stock, 1” narrowed, or 3″ widened per side widths
  • All new top quality ball joints installed
  • Urethane bushings installed
  • Stock coil springs mount on a urethane lower spring insulator for NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) supression
  • Easy conversion to coilovers or air ride





GTECH 1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Control Arms: $980.00
Optional Nickel Plating Upgrade: $400.00
QA-1 Coilovers: $450.00 (single-adjustable)
Notes: The restomod revolution is one of the most exciting trends to hit hot rodding in 30 years, and Fat Man Fabrications is proud to be a part of it!  We are so committed to supplying the trick suspension parts needed to upgrade these cars that we have established the GTECH line within the family of Fat Man products.


Over our 25 years of experience designing and building hot rod suspensions have provided the knowledge, coupled with formal engineering disciplines, to allow you to solve the deficiencies of 40 year old factory suspensions and bring the handling and braking of your 1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo up to the standards of today!


Hopefully they will choose roads and speeds that will allow them to drive within the limits of their cars.  Many other rodders will add some simple bolt on parts to increase chassis ability as they add engine performance.  We list brake kits, sway bars, shocks, springs, dropped spindles, tubular control arms, and steering improvement kits which bolt on to that stock chassis with a minimum of changes to the car.  Our web site will guide you in the selection of these parts.  There are often certain combinations of wheels and headers, etc. which are used to coordinate with these changes so you need to involve our tech team in the conversation.  The honest truth is that each change starts a domino effect of changes to complete the job.  Preparation and patience will always pay off!  A few simple changes can yield a car with much improved performance and safety with modest budgets and skills.  The next level build will involve higher skills and investment, but chassis performance will be able to keep up with greater increases in drive train capability.


A complete change to a new suspension will exceed what can be achieved modifying the original.  Horsepower levels in the 300 to 500 range can be accommodated with reasonable road manners and the ability to handle at a level with modern cars.  This fresh approach will also provide a trick appearance in keeping with the performance level improvement seen.  Brakes can be either OEM style or upgraded to aftermarket systems with far greater ability and style. You will be able to use wheel and tire combinations that can fully utilize their promise with suspension geometry enhancements.  Your restomod can run with the big dogs in the left hand lane now!  The next level involves complete new tubular frame sections as well as complete chassis for your Chevy.  Horsepower in the 500 plus range can be handled much more efficiently.  The original 1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo chassis simply cannot accept 3 to 4 times the power they were designed for. This is about as far as you can go without going to the incredible scratch built super rods we spoke of earlier.  The skill levels and commitment are within the reach of experienced rodders and install shops.


Welding and fabrication ability will be needed.  The results will reward you with a trick appearance and performance to match.  Everything in the build must be carefully coordinated for a successful system and body modifications may be required to fit wheels and tires that can use all the chassis can deliver.  Our tech consultants can assist you in choosing the right parts that suit your own individual planned build up including these GTECH 1980–1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo control arms.


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