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1968–1971 Ford Torino IFS

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1968–1971 Ford Torino Strut IFS Conversion Kit

We’ve got the perfect strut IFS conversion for your 1968-1971 Ford Torino.  Your stock suspension suffers from terrible bumpsteer, mediocre brakes, and a leaky power steering system.  Modern fat and sticky tires just make things worse!


Our 1968-1971 Ford Torino strut IFS conversion bolt-in kit supplies an adjustable 2”-3” drop, large disc brakes, power rack & pinion steering with a mount that reinforces your frame, and ZERO bumpsteer so the car can handle right with big rubber.


  • Our Torino strut IFS conversion bolts into your stock uni-body sheet metal structure with a minimum of fuss!
  • Since an upper control arm is no longer needed the shock towers can be trimmed for improved header clearance.
  • Kit is designed to use your stock 8-1/2” long front sump oil pan, stock exhaust manifolds, and the stock front sway bar mounts right up!


We chose not to do a Mustang II Kit as it requires moving the engine up and forward, provides little drop, and puts the car’s weight on a tin sub rail never designed for that purpose.  The weight should be carried into the shock tower and firewall just as Ford designed the original uni-body structure.


Price: $2, 195.00


We Supply:


  • U-joints & shaft (per your column)
  • Tubular lower control arms with new ball joints and bushings
  • Coilover conversion kit for your strut assembly
  • Upper strut mounts with adjustable camber
  • Rack and pinion mounting crossmember and clamps with special steering arms
  • Die and handle to re-thread tie rods


You Supply:


  • 1979–1993 Mustang struts
  • 1994–2004 Mustang spindle and brake assemblies
  • 1990–2003 Escort power rack and pinion assembly with complete tie rods
  • 15” or larger 1994–2004 spec wheels, early oil pan, and exhaust


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