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Hub-to-Hub Kits & Stages

Fat Man Fabrication offers Stages II, III, IV, and V to any hub-to-hub suspension kit we manufacture.  All Stages use the same basic parts including TIG welded tubular steel controlRead More

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MII Kits – Mustang II Kits

All of our Fat Man Fabrication Mustang II (MII) Kits are fully welded SAE 1018 steel and ground for a cleaner appearance. We use tubular arm crossmembers that are fully boxed atRead More

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Mustang II Frame Stubs

Some cars have a frame that doesn’t allow a simple MII installation, yet are too narrow for a GM subframe.  For these cars we build frame stubs which allow aRead More

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Mustang II Tubular Control Arms

American Made   30 YEARS proven performance!  We now offer our new nickel plated, precision jig-welded tubular steel A-arms for all of our front suspension kits as an upgrade.  Read More

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Dropped Uprights for Kingpin Suspensions MODEL   NOTES PRICE ’39-’54 Chevrolet, ’53-’62 Corvette With required dropped steering arms $665./pr ’49-’53 Ford, ‘52-’53 Mercury New fitted king pin set and required droppedRead More

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Independent Front Suspensions (IFS)

The Fatman Fabrications Independent Front Suspensions (IFS) only have correct geometry with Antidive, Ackerman, proper Camber Curve and no Bumpsteer! If it won’t work right we won’t build it!  Read More

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